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Welcome! Thanks for visiting!

My name is Lynne Vanderhave Kaplan, the “L. K.” of Elle. Kay. I am the mother of two active boys. I’m an avid reader and enjoy reading historical fiction and I’m a huge Outlander fan. I’m a Jersey Girl who loves living in Southern Arizona.

So, how did this former Industrial Engineer then IT Manager become interested in photography? Well, I have always had a love for photography even though I didn’t realize I enjoyed as much as I do. Back in the day, I had my little, old 35mm camera and enjoyed trying to capture images from a different perspective. When my first child was born we bought a digital point and shoot camera and it was amazing! But when my second child arrived and my boys became more active, I realized I was missing the shots I wanted with the point and shoot. I became passionate about photography and wanted to learn as much as I could about it. I wanted to capture those images I felt I was missing. The more I learned, the more my interest grew.

I love to laugh and smile and I think having your picture taken should be fun. The Oro Valley/Tucson area is a gorgeous place to live and take photos. The landscape and foliage, itself, is stunning, but the majestic saguaros and panoramic mountain views make a perfect backdrop for photographing people, as well.

There are so many beautiful and interesting things in the world. Stop, take a look…perhaps take a picture.


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